Diagnostic Services


Bear Creek Naturopathic Clinic offers a variety of standard and non-standard diagnostic services. Since we are a general medicine practice we do refer some patients to specialists for more complex diagnostic testing (sigmoidoscopy, cystography, MRI, etc.).


We use Labcorp and Quest Diagnostics for our standard testing and offer a wide selection of specialty diagnostic services with a variety of labs to assist our physicians in making the most accurate assessment and diagnosis.  The collection of most laboratory samples is done conveniently at our office by a highly experienced and certified phlebotomist.  



Currently we offer in the clinic: urine analysis, pregnancy testing, vaginal wet prep (for the detection of bacteria or yeast), blood sugar testing (finger stick), and skin scrape KOH slide preparation for the detection of fungal skin infection.


All of our x-ray testing is sent to one of two local radiographic centers. For spinal x-rays (alignment, etc.) we use a neighboring chiropractor’s office. For all other x-ray services (fractures, mammograms, bone density scans, ultrasounds, CAT, MRI) we send people to a nearby medical facility.


In addition to laboratory testing, physical exams are done as appropriate in the clinic. We also provide school, sport and annual physicals. We do not perform DMV or institutional drug screening exams.