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*** COVID-19 Clinic Update ***

As the Coronavirus situation evolves, we want to assure you, our clinic community, that we are taking necessary steps to minimize risks to our patients and team members. We are adhering to recommendations from CDC and public health officials and have prepared a list of ways you can protect yourself and your family. In addition, we have updated our COVID-19 clinic policies. We continue to recommend treatment plans according to each of our own individual patient needs. If you have additional questions, please let us know. 

  • For updated clinic hours please call 541-770-5563.
  • Our Medicinary is open between 9am and 4pm. We request that you call 541-770-5563 or email to place orders and arrange for payment over the phone prior to picking up.
  • We are not taking walk-in Medicinary orders at this time.

Your path towards health

Bear Creek Naturopathic Clinic is a general medicine, primary care practice in Medford, Oregon focused on providing comprehensive health care via natural therapies to the people of Southern Oregon and Northern California. Our goal is to aid our patients in their journey toward healing by providing individualized treatment programs designed to rebuild health. People of all ages and in all states of health see us to increase wellness, treat a simple cold or ear ache, or address chronic diseases and cancer. We provide an atmosphere of caring professionalism, therapeutic edification, and nutritional and lifestyle guidance to assist you in your path toward health.

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Meet Our Providers

Cory Tichaeur, Naturopathic Doctor

Dr. Cory Tichauer, ND

Believing that the body has, within itself, the inherent ability to heal, Dr. Tichauer utilizes an integrative therapeutic model designed to remove obstacles to health while simultaneously optimizing the self-healing mechanisms of the body.

Daniel Smith, Naturopathic Doctor

Dr. Daniel Smith, ND

Dr. Smith views the Earth and all its life as a single, vibrant living organism with the innate ability to heal provided that it is granted the opportunity to purge itself of accumulated contaminants.

Thomas Messinger, Naturopathic Doctor

Dr. Thomas Messinger, ND

Founder and Clinic Director of Portland Natural Medicine, Dr. Messinger recently joined Bear Creek Naturopathic Clinic to continue his focus on treating patients who have experienced complex chronic illness.

Margaret Philhower, Naturopathic Doctor

Dr. Margaret Philhower, ND

Dr. Margaret has experience in treating people of all ages, genders and health conditions, including autoimmune disease, thyroid conditions, women’s health and digestive disorders. She specializes in providing general family medicine and preventative care with a naturopathic emphasis. 

Nicole Gansemer, Naturopathic Doctor

Dr. Nicole Gansemer, ND

Dr. Nicole Gansemer graduated from the National University of Natural Medicine (NUNM) in Portland, OR and went on to complete a residency specializing in tick-borne diseases, biotoxin illness, and other environmentally acquired illnesses.

Sam Weng, LAc

Sam Weng, LAc

Sam is an NCCAOM national board-certified acupuncturist licensed in the state of Oregon, dedicated to providing the highest quality of care while assisting people in their healing process.

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