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Cory Tichauer, Naturopathic Doctor


Dr. Cory Tichauer grew up in Omaha, Nebraska from where, as early as he can remember, he wanted to be a physician. This passion led him to pursue several positions of leadership working in local hospitals and volunteer organizations. He began his official premedical studies at Cornell University graduating with honors with a B.A. in Neurobiology and Behavior. As part of his college experience, Dr. Tichauer studied abroad in Nepal where he did an extensive research project on traditional healing methods that provided him with the opportunity to work closely with a shaman. This encounter had profound significance, for it challenged Dr. Tichauer to evaluate his motivations and purpose for becoming a physician. With a rediscovered purpose to become more than just a doctor, but a healer, his inquiries led him to the National College of Naturopathic Medicine where he graduated with his doctorate in Medicine.

Dr. Cory Tichauer examining a patientBelieving that the body has, within itself, the inherent ability to heal, Dr. Tichauer utilizes an integrative therapeutic model designed to remove obstacles to health while simultaneously optimizing the self-healing mechanisms of the body. Healing is accomplished through the rational and sequential elimination of infections and toxicity from the body while helping to normalize immune dysfunction, mitochondrial energy production and cellular detoxification and repair. Dr. Tichauer focuses on a functional medicine approach and incorporates the use of pharmaceutical medications, botanical medicine, IV therapeutics, Naturopathic medications, homeopathy, bioresonance, neural therapy, prolotherapy, spinal manipulation, and individualized epigenetic analysis to encourage this process and assist his patients in achieving their health goals. He employs state-of-the-art laboratory testing to support in diagnosis and tracking of underlying problems.

Dr. Tichauer has primarily focused on the realm of chronic infectious illness, neurodegenerative conditions and autoimmune disease for the past 15 years of practice with an emphasis on Tick-Borne Illness such as Lyme Disease. He has been a member of the International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society since 2009 when he received a prestigious fellowship to receive formal training in the treatment of Lyme. He is also an active member of the International Society for Environmentally Acquired Illness (ISEAI). He has studied with three of the most esteemed physicians in the country on the treatment of chronic Lyme disease and is well versed in the treatment of Mold Illness and CIRS (Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome). In 2016, Dr. Tichauer spent time in Germany touring Lyme clinics and learning from seasoned physicians about how to integrate certain proven European therapies into his practice model. Always striving to improve outcomes and provide the best possible care, Dr. Tichauer is very successful in helping most patients to recover their health.

Dr. Tichauer is the father of two beautiful children who occupy most of his time when not working. When able, he enjoys mountaineering, skiing, rock climbing, road biking, backpacking, and playing guitar amongst his many hobbies. He is the owner and lead physician at Bear Creek Naturopathic Clinic.

Daniel Smith, Naturopathic DoctorDR. DANIEL SMITH, ND

Dr. Daniel Smith is uniquely trained and qualified to provide patients with a comprehensive, cutting-edge approach to health care diagnoses, services, treatments, and care. He specializes in Integrative Oncology. He also is one of the only primary care physicians in Southern Oregon expert in the field of Genetic Methylation Analysis.

Dr. Smith practices as a primary care provider. He makes a conventional Western diagnosis using standard diagnostic procedures such as physical examination, laboratory testing and radiology. However, he also makes a pathophysiologic diagnosis using physical and laboratory procedures to assess nutritional status, metabolic function and toxic load. In addition, a considerable amount of time is spent assessing the patient’s mental, emotional, social and spiritual status. Therapeutically, he uses virtually every known natural therapy: dietetics, therapeutic nutrition, botanical medicine, physical therapy, naturopathic manipulative therapy, lifestyle counseling, exercise therapy, homeopathy, psychological and family counseling and hydrotherapy. He concentrates on whole-patient. Most importantly, Dr. Smith attempts to find the underlying cause of the patient’s condition rather than focusing solely on symptomatic treatment. He cooperates with all other branches of medical science, referring patients to other practitioners for diagnosis or treatment when appropriate.

Dr. Daniel Smith consulting with a patientDr. Smith views the Earth and all its life as a single, vibrant living organism with the innate ability to heal provided that it is granted the opportunity to purge itself of accumulated contaminants. The prevailing view that all organisms retain this inherent capacity to heal drew him to Naturopathic Medicine, which recognizes one’s state of health as being a reflection of the relative ability to regulate one’s internal environment and expel accumulated toxins. Dr. Smith has over a decade of experience developing his methods of assisting patients to integrate practical, effective and inexpensive processes into their lives that assist them in restoring health without prescription medications or surgery.

Dr. Smith was raised in a small New England town in Connecticut. At the young age of nine he already demonstrated an inclination of where his career tendencies lay when he spent the first of ten consecutive summers at an environmental education camp. His developing perception of our relationship with the natural order of the world has played an important role in his life. He graduated with a degree in Biology, after which he worked on several organic farms throughout New England. He then spent two years teaching in Western Samoa as a Peace Corps Volunteer. After traveling for eight months around the globe, he returned to the United States to commence his graduate medical school training.


Dr. Thomas Messinger is a licensed Naturopathic Doctor. Prior to becoming an ND, he was a Registered Nurse for 23 years, spending most of his career working in inner city Emergency Departments/Trauma Centers. He was the founder and Clinic Director of Portland Natural Medicine in SE Portland. He had a highly successful practice specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of tick-borne diseases, chronic infections, and digestive issues. He recently moved to southern Oregon and has joined Bear Creek Naturopathic Clinic to continue his clinical focus on treating patients who have experienced complex chronic illness.

His education in Lyme disease began by participating in foundational training with ILADS (International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society). He continued his education in Lyme disease by doing extensive research and by taking multiple trainings with Dr. Klinghardt, MD, PHD, a well-known Lyme disease specialist, and the Klinghardt Academy. Probably his most influential teacher are his patients, as he continues to investigate ways to help patients with complex cases get well.

Dr. Messinger is a sought after speaker on the subject of Lyme disease. He was the guest speaker on a Portland Radio show discussing Lyme disease in Oregon.  Here is a link to the radio talk: 

He was a featured speaker in the SIBO Summit II in 2018 where he spoke about SIBO and Lyme disease. He led a SIBO Masterclass where he discussed Lyme disease as an underlying cause of SIBO. In 2017, he spoke at the Lyme disease and Co-morbidities seminar which is a training given to physicians on Lyme disease and related topics.

Many of the patients Dr. Messinger sees have been to numerous doctors but still continue to have persistent health issues. He has found that most chronically ill patients have multiple if not numerous factors contributing to their health issues. He utilizes a number of tools to assess what may be the root causes of patient’s health issues. Those tools include a detailed history and physical exam, ordering conventional labs (often ones that have not been ordered before), functional labs (may include but not limited to Urine Mycotoxin testing, sensitive Parasitology testing, Heavy Metal testing), and Autonomic Response Testing. All of these things together give the patient and Dr. Messinger a deeper insight into the imbalances that are contributing to a patient’s health issues. After finding the imbalances and prioritizing the order of treatment, he will use an individualized combination of treatments which may include diet, integrative medicine, herbs, detoxification strategies, ozone therapy, neural therapy, prolozone, homeopathy, and stress reduction techniques.

The goal of the individualized treatment of the pt is to reduce toxin burden by cleaning up the patients inner and outer environment, strengthen vitality, and target chronic infections, thereby promoting the restoration of health of the individual.

Margaret Philhower, Naturopathic DoctorDR. MARGARET PHILHOWER, ND

Dr. Margaret Philhower is a primary care naturopathic physician with over 15 years experience in family medicine with an emphasis in women’s health and pediatrics. She grew up in a large family in the Midwest and moved to Olympia, Washington in the early 90s to complete her bachelor’s degree at The Evergreen State College. She studied organic agriculture, environmental science and botany, and completed a trimester abroad in Guatemala studying ethnobotany. Through her studies in ethnobotany, she was introduced to naturopathic medicine and inspired to pursue a doctorate in naturopathy as a way to help heal the planet one person at a time. After graduating from Bastyr University in 2002 and completing two informal residencies in the Seattle area, Dr. Margaret moved to Takilma, OR. She opened her own private practice in the former Takilma People’s Clinic building next to the Dome School in early 2007 where she continues to practice when she is not at Bear Creek Naturopathic Clinic. 

Dr. Margaret has experience and interest in treating people of all ages, genders and health conditions, including autoimmune disease, thyroid conditions, women’s health and digestive disorders. She specializes in providing general family medicine and preventative care with a naturopathic emphasis. She crafts individual treatment plans for each person that are mutually agreed upon, believing in the importance of health education and empowerment. Dr. Philhower is a certified DOT medical examiner for CDL physicals. She also provides school, sports, and camp physicals for kids, as well as physicals for adults such as for adoption and professional certifications. In addition, she offers Craniosacral Therapy sessions, a relaxing hands-on therapy that effortlessly eases pain and stress. She is currently accepting new patients and looks forward to assisting you on your path to optimal health. 


Certified Phlebotomist, Laboratory Technician

Dawn joined Bear Creek Naturopathic Clinic in 2015, bringing 15 years of phlebotomy experience and over a decade in specialized processing as a laboratory technician. She is also certified by the prestigious American Society for Clinical Pathology, the oldest and largest board certification agency for laboratory professionals. Integrity in processing, attention to detail, and the highest safety standards are fundamental to Dawn’s approach to lab management.

Pediatric and elderly blood sample collection requires the technician be well trained and practiced in venepuncture techniques. Dawn is highly skilled in working with difficult veins or illnesses that make collection challenging. She is able to put patients at ease and provide a fresh experience of how comfortable the process can be.

Dawn above all is passionate about patient care, loving the sense of connection and reassurance that great care can contribute to the well-being and healing of the patient. 

Born and raised in Alaska, Dawn has lived with her family in Southern Oregon for 14 years. She is a mother of three and enjoys hiking, camping, fishing, snowboarding and spending precious time with her grandchildren. 

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