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I appreciate Bear Creek Naturopathic for treating me as a person and responding to my requests.
Marc F 
I visit BCNC frequently, and sincerely appreciate the warmth and friendliness of the staff. I’ve also been happy with the efficiency of the system there—it’s easy to make appointments, modify appts, purchase supplements, etc.
Rebecca O
You are amazing!
Victoria V
The doctor truly listened to me and took a lot of time to understand where I was at and what my issues were.
Susan R
Everyone is so nice and organized
Andrea P
If we could all remember biochemistry pathways like Dr Tichauer the world would be a healthier place.
Chyna D
Very personable
Cindy L
The doctor listened and really seemed to care about my problems.
Eileen B

“It’s hard to find words to describe how much I appreciate the care you have given me over the years, since I first came to you for help….you not only found what was wrong, something no one else seemed to be able to do, but you invested countless hours doing whatever you could to help me heal and restore my ability to function…Your brilliant analysis of the complicated issues in my case, and the genuine interest you have shown for my welfare has given me confidence and hope as you guided me towards recovery.”

“We absolutely recommend Dr. Cory Tichauer for Lyme treatment and autoimmune conditions. He has resolved our Bartonella infections after years of illness and money spent on treatments at other clinics, not seeing any real results. We wish we had found him sooner.

Jackie Y

Dr. Dan has opened my eyes that I truly need to take better care.

Adam R

The people here are positive and knowledgeable, and I trust them with my health.

Carol J.

This clinic is very responsive!

Danita B

Always Amazing! Love this clinic and everyone in it!

Kristina T

Fantastic! I have been coming here for years, the doctors and staff are always courteous and most helpful. They help me keep healthy and active at age 71.

Ann S

My husband’s situation is SO much improved since seeing you. He is breathing better, feeling better and very happy with his treatment here, we cannot even tell you how happy we are with the help we have received.

Lon F

Very informative and helpful, my treatment has been excellent.

Laura H

Thanks for saving my life. I’m feeling better all the time and able to work now.


Dr Dan Smith has been very thorough and I highly recommend him. He has helped me in ways that no one else has. He is also very compassionate and listens to your concerns. He gives you a comprehensive plan and looks at the whole picture.

Google Review

Dr. Daniel Smith has been a lifesaver. My husband struggled with getting a diagnosis for over 10 years. We seen all sorts of Doctors, ran all sorts of tests and spent thousands of dollars trying to figure out what was going on and with Dr. Dan Smith it took just a few visits to get diagnosed! We are still working through treatment but already his health has improved. They take great care and interest in their patients, I would highly recommend Bear Creek Naturopathic and Dr. Daniel Smith.

Google Review

Best Doctors in Southern Oregon!  Very open to listening, sending off for labs that conventional doc’s don’t even have access to. Awesome!! 

Yelp Review
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