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Conditions We Treat

with natural remedies and therapies

Women’s and Men’s Health

The physicians at BCNC are very knowledgeable about the unique and specific needs for each gender.

Our female physicians treat many common women’s issues including heavy, painful, or irregular menses, amenorrhea, infertility, PMS, perimenopause, menopause, vaginal infections, fibrocystic breasts, endometriosis, ovarian cysts, uterine fibroids and osteoporosis. We also offer routine preventative exams for women including Pap smears and high-risk HPV testing. Breast ultrasounds, mammograms, and thermography are ordered at local imaging centers when appropriate. Treatment for abnormal Pap smears, high risk-HPV and other sex-hormone related issues are approached integratively in order to minimize side-effects while maximizing the likelihood for a successful outcome.

Likewise, the physicians as BCNC are also familiar with many of the concerns around men’s health including erectile dysfunction, low sperm count, prostatic inflammation, infectious prostatitis, low testosterone and others. Typically, spending time to get a good history, perform a physical exam and review specific lab results will provide the doctors with the necessary information to address these concerns.  

Hormonal issues can be complex and many things can affect our hormone balance. Natural processes such as menopause and andropause as well as acquired thyroid conditions and autoimmune disorders are all examples of things that alter the balance of sex hormones in our body. Emotional stressors can also have profound effects on our hormones. Commonly found environmental toxins from plastics, petroleum compounds, herbicides, pesticides and other sources are unfortunately also endocrine disruptors which often have estrogenic effects. Since hormones affect virtually every system in our body including our mood, cognitive function, sex-drive and cardiovascular risk, identifying and correcting endocrine imbalances is critical to our health.  

Once the issues are identified, a treatment plan is created using natural medications, herbal therapies and, if appropriate, prescription bioidentical hormones and/or peptides. Every person is treated with attention to their genetic individuality and unique life-circumstances and all hormone prescriptions are provided at the minimal amount needed to alleviate symptoms.


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