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Diabetes and Metabolic Syndrome

Type II diabetes is a chronic disorder of carbohydrate, fat and protein metabolism characterized by elevated blood sugars, dysregulated lipids and a greatly increased risk of heart disease, stroke, kidney disease and loss of nerve function. Diabetes develops when the pancreas fails to secrete sufficient insulin or when the liver and muscles become resistant to insulin. It is not a condition that arises suddenly but rather develops over the decades prior to diagnoses. During these early decades, pre-diabetes is known as metabolic syndrome.

The classic symptoms of diabetes are frequent urination, excessive thirst and excessive appetite. Because these symptoms are not particularly alarming, many people do not seek proper medical care, allowing the diabetes to progress to a point requiring management by medication.

Diabetes (and especially metabolic syndrome) are inherently responsive to the therapies offered by the physicians at BCNC. While conventional therapies may be a necessary part of the protocol, by themselves they fail to achieve the results that are available when holistic therapies are incorporated into the therapeutic plan. That being said, proper and effective treatment of diabetic patients require the careful integration of a wide range of therapies as well as patients who are willing to substantially alter their diet and lifestyle. Careful attention to symptoms, home glucose monitoring and other blood tests (e.g. Hemoglobin A1c) are essential to monitoring progress of treatment.

The physicians at BCNC collectively have over forty years of experience in the treatment of diabetes and metabolic syndrome. Our knowledge, familiarity and understanding of these conditions have enabled us to confidently and effectively manage these disorders with either alternative therapies alone or if necessary, an appropriate blend of both conventional and naturopathic protocols.


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