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Conditions We Treat

with natural remedies and therapies

Skin Disorders

In addition to performing in-office biopsies and excisions for new or concerning growths, the physicians at Bear Creek Naturopathic Clinic have expertise in the treatment of chronic dermatologic conditions. Our approach is to help each patient identify and manage impediments to their skin’s health by carefully examining all of the factors influencing their skin and considering a whole person’s health. A thorough assessment including medical history, lifestyle factors, physical examination and appropriate laboratory and diagnostic testing will be done to help understand the cause(s) of a particular skin condition. Treatment is individualized and may include immune modulation, detoxification programs, botanical, nutrient and enzyme therapy, hormone balancing, dietary modifications including food allergy management and potentially chelation. By taking a whole person approach to the treatment of skin conditions, it is not unusual to see other chronic symptoms improve or resolve.


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