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Conditions We Treat

with natural remedies and therapies

Metabolic Syndrome (Pre Diabetes)

Metabolic syndrome is a disorder of carbohydrate and fat metabolism characterized by elevated lipids, triglycerides and blood sugar. Additional symptoms my include increased urination and excessive thirst and appetite. Excess sugar molecules may attach themselves to proteins in red blood cells, resulting oxidation of these proteins and elevated hemoglobin A1c lab values. Left unaddressed, metabolic syndrome likely will progress to frank Diabetes.

Patients with metabolic syndrome respond extremely well to naturopathic protocols and can easily reverse this condition, provided that certain lifestyle changes are followed. At BCNC, we will thoroughly review both exercise and food choices that are proven to reverse metabolic syndrome. Lab values will be monitored with comprehensive but inexpensive testing from the Cleveland Heart Lab. Supplemental botanicals and nutrients will be thoroughly discussed and recommended based on individual needs.


What a Pain in the Neck! Alternative Options to Treat Nagging Aches

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Lab Assessment in Chronic Ilness: A Functional Medicine Approach

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